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BEING Well is our natural state. Our aim is to help everyone find their way back to wellbeing. We all deserve it and are more than capable of achieving it.


A life of peace, joy, abundance. Surrounded by healthy relationships, friendships and family. Enriched with wonderful life-enhancing experiences and conversations. 


Have you ever felt someone is standing too close to you and 'in your space' ? ... That's Energy
Have you ever walked into a room and correctly 'sensed' the occupants have been arguing ? ... That's Energy


We don't 'fix' anyone.

Learn how to connect with and Master your ability to create your own WELLBEING by harnessing your energy.

In Every Day. 


Private Sessions

Individual sessions tailored

to your needs available

in person or remotely

Bite Size Pieces

Easily digested information to help you make positive change in manageable chunks


A range of informative workshops teaching new skills, crafts and awareness, meditations included, yay   


Gain Qualifications to practice professionally

"A healer does not heal you.

A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer,

so that you may heal yourself"  

Maryam Hasnaa



Online Shop of
 holistic gifts

to aid energetic clarity
and wellbeing 

Taster Sessions

Your opportunity to experience the benefits
with our discounted
Introductory Rate

Whether you think
you can,
or think you can't.
You're right

Nitya Wellbeing is trading name of Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre Ltd. Scotland, UK