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Steps to Wellbeing Workshops

Steps to Wellbeing #1 The Fundamentals

Reconnect with YOU, Gain Confidence, Find Clarity, Q& A's, Take home Toolkit

In easy, practical steps this workshop will give you the awareness, connection and abilities to recognise where your current state of wellbeing is and apply techniques to significantly improve it.

You will understand more of yourself:

- how to alleviate feeling guilty in your relationship with others
- recognise needy relationships with others
- understand why people make you so angry
- how to stop people taking advantage of you without conflict

And be given tools to rectify these:

- feel nourished with guided meditations
- gain clarity on where you are imbalanced
- learn how to say No to others an Yes to your needs without feeling guilty



"Felt like a closed book when I arrived but soon became comfortable to express feelings and open myself up to new beginnings."


"Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, friendly, honest, informative. It's helped me to clarify the areas I need to work on and the [given me] the tools to do it. Thank you"


"Loved this workshop - it was fantastic + so much interesting information + discussion. Thank you for this experience + for sharing information + discussion"


"Liked that everyone felt comfortable to quickly open up. Good explanation and examples of how energy can affect situations. Very relaxing meditation."

Steps to Wellbeing #2 Your Energy is Yours: take back your balls !

Second in our Wellbeing Series we delve deeper into:


- what makes us well,

- energy dynamics and

- how to practically apply wellbeing skills into our daily lives and interaction with others. 


You will learn how to:

- reclaim your life,

- improve self care and awareness and

- build healthier relationships and environments.

- how to navigate toxic relationships, energy stealers, psychic vampires and

- hone your empathic skills. 


Steps to Wellbeing #3 Universal Flow: where the Magic happens

By the end of this course you will be equipped to steer your life in the awareness and flow of the Universal Connection which is both a pleasure and a joy, making life creative, fun and easy.

- cosmic ordering to create the life you want
- manifesting: rising above 'hope', 'luck, 'chance' and other such uncertain wishes
- understand energy exchanges with the universe
- discern between 'knowing' and instincts
- fear and love/head and heart based living
- translate the signs, signals and messages you get from the universe
- discern when to listen and when to dismiss

You will receive:
- Insights to the Spiritual Laws,
- Universal Signs and Signposts, how to recognise and navigate them
- how to work with the Universe more effectively
- Good Housekeeping
- Discern between Ego and Higher Self
- Understand the bigger picture of your Life Path
- make 'miracles' a REAL and daily part of your life

As always a big take-home toolkit, real life experiences and Q&As to help you along