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Connect with the energy of the mystic Atlantis!

Ingredients: Sandalwood West and East, Mimosa, Pine, Tuberose, Lavender.

To connect with the energy of Atlantis you can use this scent frequency during meditations and visualizations that take you to the energy of Atlantis.

Atlanteans had great visual memory and associated everything with images.
A great base of Lavender oil  from Bulgaria and a unique experience as a fragrance for your living room, massage oil and bath.


A circle of love around you, every time you use this frequency!

All the angels of the essence of pure light range are standing in a circle around you. They bring you love and support in whatever you are doing with vibrations of LOVE.


Just let go,how often do you hear those words. Easier said than done.

Ingredients: Cananga, Lavendin, Myrrh, Wintergreen, Pepper, Cloves, Cirtonella, Geranium and Bergamot.
Crystals: Snowflake Obsidian and Rhinestone.

You just have to let go! is a  difficult process if you are right in the middle of a painful situation.  However, it is often the key to releasing and gaining positive growth. There are so many situations and energys that you may need to let go of, people,or painful moments in your life. Use this frequency to support you in all areas where letting go has become difficult or restricting your way forward.


Purification let everything slide away and give it to the Violet flame.

Ingredients: Lavender, Rosewood, frangipani, Lemon Mint.

Lord Saint Germain is the guardian of the Violet Flame. This flame is used to ring light to all negative energy. This then allows us to enjoy life without he negative energy that can bring us down. Visualize a violet flame and let it quietly move through your aura and body. For each block that you no longer need to ask you wish to discard Lord St Germain or the blockade. See and feel how this happens. Some deep breathes in and out.

With oil you can do light work, as a therapist. Put a few drops in your hands and give a healing the way you are used to. Keep your practice free of negative energy through burning the fragrance in a aroma diffuser this will ensure a clean and clear atmosphere.

Tip: Make a pot of Himalayan Salt and add a pair of protective stone to it. Take your pick what suits you. Put a few drops of Lord St. Germain on the salt. Go stand in front of the pot and feel what happens. Turn around to stand with your back to the pot. You’ll be amazed what happens to you.
It will release you of al the energy you don’t need anymore.


Protects your aura from negative outside influences. Children  also benefit greatly from this aroma frequency.

Ingredients: Lavender, Pine, Geranium, Sage.

Protecting the aura against negative influences.
This composition is for children and adults alike especially when auras are sensitive and influenced by outside energies which can also drain your own energy. By making your aura more compact you are less affected by the influences of your surroundings.

How can you use this product?
Spray around and over yourself 2 to 3 times per day or when you are going to be in situations where you are likely to be in environments with lots of other energies.

** This spray is  also recommended to use  after cleaning the aura and the environment with the entities (disconnect) spray.

Aura Spray - Essence of Pure Light

  • Connect with the energy of the mystic Atlantis!

    Circle of Angels

    Letting Go

    Lord St Germain


  • 50 ml